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How long will it take you?

“What makes me the happiest about studying nursing at HLGU is that my instructors really care about my career even beyond graduation. Yes, they want me to learn the material and pass boards, but they really want me to succeed out there as a nurse.”

Kim Santos – Future RN, May 2020



What makes HLGU’s LPN-RN program special?

  1. Complete the program in as little as 10 months.
    • Learn about our tracks and requirements here.
  2. Local, convenient clinical locations. All Clinical with real patients.
  3. Classes in the classroom with in-person instructors.
    • Monday & Tuesday lecture
    • Clinical day on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
    • Observations and skill check offs also required
  4. Ability to keep going by seamlessly moving on to our BSN completion program.

To learn more contact nursing@hlg.edu or 573.629.3141