ADA Accommodations

Accommodations are available for HLGU students who have a documented disability. As an HLGU student, our goal is to give you access and equal opportunities to pursue your academic goals by offering reasonable accommodations. Disability services are of a personal nature and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

The first step to receiving accommodations is to submit this application to Academic and Career Services along with the required documentations indicated on the second page of the application. Applications can be emailed to If you have any questions before applying please contact us at 573.629.4016.

After an application and required documentation is received in the Academic and Career Services office an initial meeting will be scheduled. While accommodations are the responsibility of the student, parents may attend this first meeting if the student desires.

Important information about accommodations can be accessed from the links below:

Differences of Accommodations between High School and College

Example Accommodation Responsibilities

Test Proctoring Form (PDF)

HLGU ADA Handbook