Crime Prevention & Safety

Crime Prevention Presentations

Crime prevention presentations pertaining to personal safety, sexual assault prevention, women’s self-defense, alcohol and drug awareness, burglary and theft prevention and office safety are conducted as needed for faculty, staff and students. Public Safety works closely with campus housing and student groups to develop and schedule presentations. Contact Public Safety at 573.629.3011 for more information.

Crime Prevention Literature

Crime prevention literature related to personal safety, auto theft prevention, and residential security is available at various locations throughout the campus. Specialized crime prevention literature is available in the L.A. Foster Student Center.

Property Identification

Property identification forms are available at the Public Safety office. Students are encouraged to complete this form so that information is available if items are stolen. This form can be returned to Public Safety for filing or retained by the owner. Engraving of driver’s license or student identification numbers on personal property of valuable is also encouraged. Engravers are available at the HLGU Public Safety office.

Security Surveys

Campus buildings, North Port Plaza, and other campus areas are surveyed for safety and security concerns on a regular basis.

Missouri Sex Offenders Registry

Click to visit the MO Sex Offenders Registry

Click to visit the U.S. Department of Justice NSOPW

Security Tips

Public Safety Officers are on duty to assist with safety and security on campus. Here are some common sense ways that students can help Public Safety keep everyone safe:

  • Do not walk alone at night, especially in poorly lighted areas.
  • Walk with determination and purpose to your destination.
  • Have your key in your hand and ready to unlock the door of your house, apartment, or dormitory at night.
  • Always lock your car and residence hall room doors when you leave.
  • Heed your instincts and do not take unnecessary risks.
  • Do not leave personal property unattended in public areas.