Vehicle Permits

Parking Regulations

Students who park on the Hannibal-LaGrange University campus must display a permit and park in an area authorized by that permit. Parking lots are strictly regulated for valid permit to ensure there are spaces available for legitimate legal permit holders.

How to Apply for a Permit

Click here to register your vehicle

Students need to be sure to fill out all the information requested and after reviewing the information submit the request.

Permit Assignment Process

After submitting the vehicle registration and it is approved the student will be assigned a parking permit for one of the designated parking areas;

  • Red – Resident student
  • White – Commuter Student
  • (Blue – HLGU Faculty and Staff Only)

Resident students will receive their parking permits in their campus mailbox before or shortly after move-in date.

Commuter students and faculty/staff will need to come by the public safety office for their permit.

Campus parking areas are identified by the color of the parking block which matches the appropriate permit. Those areas not marked in a permit color are open parking.

Handicap and short-term permits are available at the public safety office.