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The mission of the History Department is to provide an excellent education in the field of History in a distinctively Christian environment that integrates Christian faith and learning in preparing graduates for personal and career effectiveness.

A degree in History from HLGU is designed to prepare students to understand the causes and consequences of important historical events as well as their significance. In addition, history majors learn to analyze primary source documents for meaning and importance in their historical contexts.


History is an exciting academic field that investigates how and why our society/societies have evolved the way they have. History provides opportunities for students to begin their exploration of the world from within the classroom, while investigating primary and secondary texts to understand how History is told.

As a faith-based institution, we in the History department are excited to assist students in pursuing whatever adventure God has made them for.

Click here for a full printable PDF of the History Bachelor of Arts or Science degree.

Click here for a full printable PDF of the Bachelor of Science in Education - Middle School Social Science degree.

Click here for a full printable PDF of the Bachelor of Science in Education - Secondary Social Science degree.


Careers in History

Our students have found career success in a variety of fields. Those graduating with Bachelors of Science in Education degrees with a social studies emphasis have found careers as high school principles and teachers.

Because History encourages analytical reasoning many of our BA, BS, and BSE graduates have pursued graduate work in History, Law School, Christian Ministry, Library, Museum Studies, Medicine, Economics, and Education.

Many have found work in business as bank managers, investment brokers, and international trade. Others have worked in the legal field as lawyers, district attorneys, and judges, or in medicine as chiropractic and physical therapists. Others worked within vocational ministry, publishing editors, higher education, librarians, or athletic coaches.

Meet our History Faculty

Joseph Garner

Instructor of History and Christian Studies

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David Robarts, Ph.D.

Online Course Developer
Instructor of Christian Studies and History

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Samuel Swisher, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty of History

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