The theatre department at HLGU provided a safe and encouraging space that prepared me for my future, especially for the audition process in the theatre world. Since the theatre department is small I had a lot of individualized time with Sabrina Brookshire. Under her instruction I was given the tools to examine a dramatic text, and prepare it adequately for an audition. While I will always have jitters before any audition, I can now go feeling prepared because of her encouragement and the training she gave me.

Vicky Vail Theatre and English

Housed in the state-of-the-art Roland Fine Arts Center, our Theatre Department offers Bachelor degrees in Theatre,  Secondary Education Speech and Theatre and Worship Arts. Students who major or minor in theatre have a broad range of opportunities outside of their formal classroom training, including main stage productions, a traveling theatre ministry team, and local community theatre activities.


We Stand Out

Diverse Experiences

Students who major in theatre will gain well-rounded experience in many areas of theatre performance and production.

Tailored Study

Theatre majors can work with the department chair to tailor degree requirements to their specific field of skill and interest, including areas such as sound and lighting design, set design, costume design, acting, directing or theatre management.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The modern Roland Fine Arts Center has a well-equipped performance auditorium, as well as rehearsal space, a costume sewing room and a set workshop.

Open Access

All shows and ensembles have open auditions and are not limited to theatre majors.

Quality Instruction

Our full-time and adjunct faculty have decades of real-world theatre experience. Strong relationships with local community theatres also provide additional learning experiences.

Be On Stage

We produce four productions a year, all of which have open auditions. The Directing II class also produces one-act plays in a black box theatre environment.

Be Backstage

Students can have hands on experience in sound, lighting, costume design, set construction, and many other behind the scenes areas of our productions.

Traveling Performances

We hold open auditions each year for New Edition (a theatre ministry team). Members travel locally, regionally and internationally, performing for various age groups in a plethora of venues.

Beyond the Classroom

Faculty and students regularly travel to see other productions at venues such as Quincy Community Theatre in Quincy, IL and the Fox in St. Louis, MO.

Theatrical Jobs

Graduates are well-prepared for careers in areas such as community theatre, theatre management, on-stage performance, event planning, theme park entertainment, and much more.

Christian Ministry

A wide range of ministry opportunities, layered with our Christian learning environment, prepares our graduates to excel in theatre-related ministry.


Pairing a theatre major or minor with education equips graduates to teach at a variety of levels.

Further Study

Our alumni have a good foundation for graduate study programs.



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Sabrina Brookshire

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