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The mission of the HLGU Business Department is equip students with the concepts, skills, and competencies that are fundamental for success in today’s business world.

A major in Business Administration provides you the opportunity to excel in many facets of business. The department offers several main emphases of study: Management, Financial Planning, Agribusiness, Marketing, and Data Analysis. These concentrations will prepare you to engage in the business world with a faith-based lens.


The Management emphasis is designed to prepare students to engage the business world with insight and compassion through a faith-based lens.

HLGU students are given the analytical tools necessary to navigate the landscape of modern business with a focus on business management and leadership. Courses you may take toward the Business Administration - Management emphasis include Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Small and Retail Business Management, Production & Operations Management, and a capstone course in Strategic Planning. 

Students with an emphasis in Management will be able to find a broad field of career opportunities in management, entrepreneurship, and non-profit management.

Click here for a full printable PDF of the Business Administration - Management major requirements.

Financial Planning

The Financial Planning emphasis prepares students to engage the world of personal finance and financial advising through a faith-based lens.

The program equips students with tools to create and analyze financial plans with the purpose of fostering goal-oriented, holistic financial management. Classes include the fundamentals of financial planning and insurance planning, investments, tax planning, retirement and estate planning, and a comprehensive capstone.

Students with the financial planning emphasis will be able to find many great career opportunities in the fast-growing fields of financial advising and wealth management.

Click here for a full printable PDF of the Business Administration - Financial Planning major requirements.


Agriculture is all about serving others by providing safe, reliable and nutritious food to a growing world. The HLGU Agribusiness program will prepare you for this noble calling.

We will help you discover your God-given passion in Agriculture and where you may want to employ your talents in this great industry. Whether it be ag management, sales and marketing, production or finance we will help you reach grow and be equipped for your calling. We have employers asking us to help them source great HLGU Agribusiness students – we invite you to join our growing program.

Our Agribusiness program is built on the pillars of Faith, Food, and Freedom and aligns with our Christian worldview which is the anchor in all that we do here at HLGU. Here, you will learn Agribusiness technical material, coupled with learning from with Agribusiness Managers and Leaders as we visit them with off-campus field trips. The off-campus field trips are often mentioned by our students as a great learning experience and highlights of the class.

Come join us -- you will grow here!

Click here for a full printable PDF of the Business Administration - Agribusiness major requirements.


The Marketing emphasis equips students to analyze the marketplace of consumer needs, wants, and demands in a faith-based manner.

Students are given the analytical tools to understand consumer and competitive trends with a focus on value creation and communication.

Courses include Advertising (integrated marketing communications), Marketing Research, Sales Management, PR Strategies & Tactics, and a capstone course in Business Strategy. 

Students with an emphasis in Marketing will find opportunities in marketing management, brand management, and advertising.


Click here for a full printable PDF of the Business Administration - Marketing major requirements.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is found with the data sciences discipline and consists of examining a set of data to draw conclusions about the information. Currently, many industries use data to draw conclusions and decide on actions to implement. Because the current digital world is providing a growing collection of data on everything, there is a demand for data experts who can analyze and interpret the info, helping humans work smarter and faster.  

Pursuing the data analysis emphasis equips a student with the tools needed to enter this data sciences technology career field. Taking courses that combine business knowledge, database technologies, and statistical and problem-solving math, HLGU students will be better equipped to assist businesses in turning their data into valuable information their team can use to make future decisions. Career opportunities for data analysists are available in nearly all business sectors, each offering healthy living wages.

Students who enjoy solving puzzles, researching details, thinking mathematically, and providing solutions for others would be good candidates to pursue the data analysis emphasis.

Click here for a full printable PDF of the Business Administration - Data Analysis major requirements.


Careers in Business

By developing skills in management, data analysis, financial planning and agribusiness, HLGU prepares you for careers after college by equipping students with the skills to succeed.

HLGU business students have gone on to have fruitful careers financial planning, agriculture management, information technology, diplomatic relations, media and technology, and many more.

Whether it's graduate school or straight into the workforce, an HLGU Business Administration degree prepares you for a life well lived.

Meet our Business Department Faculty and Staff

S. Scott Hall

Chair, Department of Business
Assistant Professor of Business
Moorman Professor

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Dr. Benjamin Strother

Instructor of Business;
Head Coach, Baseball

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Tim Finlay, CPA, MBA

Instructor of Business

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Adjunct Professor

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