HLGU has given me many opportunities to grow, not just academically, but spiritually, musically, and artistically.

Jordan Johnston '15 Graphic Design Emphasis

The art department of HLGU is about creativity and community. As we prepare students for a professional career in art, we also provide an environment for group bonding and personal growth. This close-knit department offers traditional studio arts, as well as applied arts in photography, graphic design, and visual communications. With a Christian world view, the art department offers complete instruction to prepare students with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to begin a career in art.

We Stand Out

Excellent Facilities

Located in the Roland Fine Arts Center, the art department has spacious, modern studio facilities, as well as a well-equipped computer art lab.

Small Class Sizes

Art studio classes average approximately 6-8 students; the national average is 18. Small class sizes allow professors to meet one-on-one with their students, customizing instruction to student strengths and weaknesses.

Experienced Faculty with notable credentials

All professors in the art department are working artists and designers, engaged in maintaining a current exhibit record and other creative projects. They are involved in creating on a daily basis in their own lives.

Hands On Experiences

Art Orientation, Art Community, Art Organization, and Leadership in Art, support hands on experience with real life art experiences. These courses also support mentoring with all student grade levels.

Develop your Voice

Courses are designed to develop a voice for the individual major, developing and merging both mastery in artistic skill and creative ideas.

Explore your creativity

For non-majors, HLGU Art classes give students a release from their lecture classes and offer an opportunity to explore creative ways to strengthen their educational pursuits.

Art Club

HLGU's Art Club offers a way for the students to learn how to generate revenue from their art work through various club sponsored events.

Variety of Careers

Graduates from the Art Department are prepared for and have found employment in a variety of art-related careers, including graphic design, studio photography, photojournalism, and art education.



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Shannon Reece

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