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The mission of the HLGU Art Department is to equip students with the concepts, skills, and competencies that are fundamental for success in today’s fine art world.

A major in Art from HLGU provides you the opportunity to excel in many facets of the fine arts. The department offers several main emphases of study: Bachelors of Art, Graphic Design, and Minor in Art. Students are given the analytical tools to understand consumer and competitive trends with a focus on value creation and communication. These concentrations will prepare you to engage in the fine art world with a faith-based lens.


HLGU Art majors will develop a working knowledge of all the elements and principles of art. Art majors will demonstrate their creativity through original concepts and presentation. All Art majors will have experience working with at least four different types of artistic media, and will have curated a minimum of 20 pieces.

Click here for a full printable PDF of the Art major requirements.

Graphic Design

HLGU Graphic Design majors will be taught to communicate using the elements and principles of design using graphics, artwork, photography and typography. They will be shown how to prepare for working in the graphic design field and how to create a portfolio that can help them get a job.

Click here for a full printable PDF of the Graphic Design major requirements.


Careers in Art

A degree in Art from HLGU is designed to prepare students to understand the causes and consequences of important art historical events as well as their significance. In addition, art majors learn to analyze primary visual art for meaning and importance in their fine art contexts. The Fine Art emphasis equips students to analyze the marketplace of consumer needs, wants, and demands with an unapologetically Christian worldview. HLGU art majors have gone on to work in advertising, graphic design, education, illustration, marketing, and project design.

Meet our Art Department Faculty and Staff

Tammy Emerson

Art Department Instructor
Hagerman Art Gallery Director

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Todd Damotte

Marketing Coordinator
Adjunct Graphic Design Teacher

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