Mathematics Department

How We Stand Out

  • Involved Faculty. Faculty members are accessible to students both in and out of the classrooms during students' academic career.
  • Small Class Sizes. Individual courses in the major are typically small, allowing preparation for teaching in secondary schools, graduate school or other math-intensive courses.
  • Small Department Size. Our department encourages our faculty members to get to know our students on a personal level

Opportunities for Students

  • Tutoring. Math majors are encouraged to serve as tutors to help others. Tutoring is provided to both college and community students.
  • Math and Science Club. Members of both the Math and Science Clubs lead campus initiatives in areas like recycling and maintenance of the nature trails. We also bring in outside speakers on a variety of topics
  • Science Day (Girls Scouts).

Preparing Students for Future Success

  • Teaching: Students can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, equipping them to teach in secondary mathematics classrooms and work in math-intensive careers.
  • Further Education: We offer a foundation for many other graduate programs of study.

Majors Offered


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